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"Why can't i find this killer in-game?..."
This Killer is no longer in Midnight Horrors and cannot be seen in-game.
Goodbye, old friend.

Amy was a Killer in Midnight Horrors. Amy is the owner of Amy's Burger Joint found in Town, having the same head as the biggified head found next to the name. The only difference is that this Amy isn't happy and has red eyes.


Amy is an ordinary chaser killer that is around the same speed of the player without a coil. This makes it hard for players to escape her if she manages to get a hit off them, most likely killing them in 2 hits if they aren't careful.

Since Amy is only around the player's normal runspeed, all coils in the game could outrun her. She suffers a short attack cooldown as well.


  • Her teleporting sound was a woman screaming.
  • Her hit sound was of the TF2 Frying Pan.
  • Amy was removed in Version 1.3 (Killer Overhaul Update)