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Beff is a Killer in Midnight Horrors. He was added in Version 1.42.0 and is a joke killer making fun of Jeff the Killer.


Beff is a grey blocky Robloxian bearing what resembles an elongated kitchen knife. He has a cube-like head and long grey hair under a grey cap that is turned sideways. His face is crudely drawn, when players are near him, the title "Beff the Biller" appears over him.


Beff will walk towards players at a rather sluggish pace, being easily outrunable. However, when a player is within his aggro-range, he will start running at them at a much faster speed, being somewhere in Ultra Coil’s speed. Beff kills players in around 4-5 stabs, and suffers from a short cooldown while doing so.


  • Beff doesn't bypass the Blue Relic.
  • Beff doesn't have stun-immunity.
  • Beff will chase and attack ally NPCs.
  • The Glass Coil is recommended for surviving, as Beff is slightly faster than the Ultra Coil.