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Boonie is a Killer in Midnight Horrors. Boonie originates from some silly (yet stupid) GIF presenting a walking Bonnie head fused into his legs with a text above it reading, "DUDE". It was added in Version 1.4.


Like many other killers in Midnight Horrors, Boonie will actively chase and pursue nearby players. If there are no players nearby, Boonie will walk towards the nearest player at a slower speed. Once a player reaches his detection range, Boonie will start running towards the player at a extremely fast speed. Boonie will instantly kill players on contact and does not have an attack cooldown, allowing Boonie to quickly and effectively kill players.


  • Boonie can be outran with at least an Ultra Coil.
  • Boonie is very small, this allows him to blend in with the environment under certain conditions.
  • Boonie will attack noobs deployed from the Noob Tube.


  • In both Version 1.6 (April Fools' 2020) and Version 1.20.0 (April Fools' 2021), Boonie was renamed to "Bognie".
  • While Boonie technically originates from the DUDE gif, the character itself is an edited version of the character Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's.