Midnight Horrors Wiki

Killer Statistics is the tier system that this wiki uses to simplify the difficulty of a Killer. This page was made to clarify what each tier number means for each category.


Tier Effectiveness Description
E Very Poor cannot move, or are incredibly slow
D Poor much slower than a normal players base speed
C Average a little less, a little more, or comparable to a players base running speed
B Good around the speed of an Ultra Coil
A Very Good can be outran with Emerald Coil or impossible to outrun


Tier Effectiveness Description
C Average deals around average damage
B Good deals decent damage that can kill easily if not careful
A Very Good instakills or deals so much damage with short cooldown that its basically an instakill


NOTE: Range does not always equal damage range, but can also be general effectiveness or ability range (such as the range of James' movement detection)

Tier Effectiveness Description
C Average close range
B Good medium, generally long distance range
A Very Good range spanning across the map


Killers Speed Damage Range
Aeon A A C
Bunny Girl C A C
Xeptre B A C
Mobile Task Force B B B
Boonie B A C
James A B A
Burger A A C
The Decoy D A B