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Midnight Horrors is a Roblox 'horror' game created by CaptainSpinxs and co-owned by Blithwin. It's a survival game in which the main objective is to survive whatever is spawned in by the Red Circle of Oculus each round. Brought forth by the mysterious being simply known as "Oculus".

Game Description


Midnight Horrors is a survival based game with over 450+ unique and wacky killers trying to hunt you down!

Disclaimer - Despite being called Midnight Horrors, this game is not actually a horror game. It contains TONS of inside jokes, non-horror characters, and ABSOLUTE CHAOS!!!

Exploiting, Glitching, and breaking any other of Roblox's ToS will result in a ban.

Game Developed by CaptainSpinxs, Blithwin, 123jl123, & BeezelduD. (And with additional help from the Community!)”


The gameplay's main variety comes from the enormous (over 400!) number of different Killers with different or even entirely unique behavior that can spawn in during each round. Players must face the killer and survive it within 2 minutes (unless if the killer has time#extending ability). If all players failed to survive the given killer (making the Player-counter reach 0), the round will end. To spice the gameplay up, players will sometimes face a killer with a random special round. There are currently 9 different round types, some are pretty easy to deal with and some will increase the gameplay difficulty.

Players can also buy items from Avarum’s Shop to help them survive killers more easier. They can also buy Emotes that doesn’t actually enchance the Gameplay, but was made simply to add more fun to the game.

There are also a plenty amount of Maps players can roam in and try to survive in. Some Maps has a lot of space that helps players in surviving, while some have traps that will increase the difficulty. After players went through 5 rounds in the Map, the Map Voting will occur, giving players the ability to vote which map they will survive in next. If a Map gets the most votes, the Map will switch to the said Map and players will have a new environment to survive in.


  • The game currently has 2 trailers. One is made by a person who have left the community.
  • When the game was first released, the game was titled "Midnight Murders".
  • The game went through 4 player animation changes since Pre-V1.3.
  • Back in the days, Town was the only map players can survive in as Map Rotation doesn’t exists.
  • The game has went over multiple GUI changes.
  • The game has went over 20 Event updates.
    • Events are updates were a set of new contents are added, including a new tasks and bosses players have to complete in order to get specific rewards and badges.
  • The game currently has over 25 active contributors. While the rest of the contributors are no longer active.
  • CaptainSpinxs originally got the idea for Midnight Horrors from a discontinued game under the title “SCP Breakout”, a game where Retro SCPs originate from.
  • The game has a TON of removed Thumbnails that can no longer be seen in the game’s page. Most of them were made by a user (now left the community) Rock_R3BO0T3D.
  • During April Fools, the game will rename itself and change its description, gameplay, thumbnails, and more.
  • The current game Icon was made by the game’s fans.
  • Before the, the game reused one of the unused Icons. (1)
    • On April Fools 2020, the game renamed itself to “Midnite Horrer V1.6”.
    • On April Fools 2021, the game renamed itself to “Midnight Hearttrobs”.
    • On April Fools 2022, the game renamed itself to “Elden Horrors”.
  • Midnight Horrors' lore was created during the April Fools 2021 event.
  • Most killers in the game have their own lore, which does not connect to the Midnight Horrors lore.