Welcome to the Midnight Horrors Wiki!

Welcome to the Midnight Horrors Wiki. This wiki is based off of a ROBLOX game by CaptainSpinxs, titled Midnight Horrors.

Midnight Horrors is a game where each round ingame spawns one of many Killers which all of the players ingame must survive for a given amount of time. You are given points each round used to temporarily unlock items to help you better at surviving each killer.


This wiki is currently a WIP so be aware that most of what you see isn't the final page. If you would like to help out on this wiki, I have created a page dedicated to the Rules and Formatting for each page. click here to be taken to there.

One more thing, please stop making so many pages for each Killer and just leaving it as "<Killer name> is a Killer in Midnight Horrors". Rather than make new pages that only have that line, please focus on editing the existing pages we already have. also ALSO, dont include the "overview" part of each page from now on. thanks.

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