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Welcome to the Midnight Horrors Wiki. This wiki is based off of a ROBLOX game by CaptainSpinxs, titled Midnight Horrors. As of June 10th 2022, the game has earned over 96k favorites, and has gained over 10.6 million visits. The game was created on February 2nd, 2019.

This Wiki is currently a work in progress, with 1,242 articles, 3,882 files, 44,910 total edits, and 50 active users on this wiki. Not all pages are completed, but if you would like to contribute to this wiki, please read up on the Rules & Formatting page. One last thing, if you'd like to report any vandalism or rulebreakers on the wiki, you can talk to the moderators on the Oculus Inc. Discord or post about it on the discussion tab of this wiki. Thanks.

Keep in mind that Midnight Horrors is a game with a LOT of Killers and content in it, and its not always easily possible to create pages for each Killer, Emote, Map, & such when they're immediately released. It may take a while, but please give us some time.

About Midnight Horrors

Midnight Horrors is a multiplayer ROBLOX game where each ingame round spawns one of the many Killers which all of the players must survive for a given amount of time (around two minutes or so). At the end of each round, you are given points each round used to temporarily unlock items to help you better at surviving each Killer. Surviving a round earns you a survival, which can also be used to temporarily purchase items or emotes (points do not save, and are not used up when purchasing an item. Survivals do save and aren't used up when purchasing an item or emote either.