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Necrobloxian is a Killer in Midnight Horrors. He is likely to be inspired by a ROBLOX hat (since he's wearing a book on his head, which could be the hat.) The music that plays while he's pursuing a player is "Gothic" by Zero Project.


Like most killers in Midnight Horrors, Necrobloxian will actively pursue and chase any players. However, Necrobloxian isn't fully opaque, making them harder to see than most other killers. Necrobloxian can easily blend into certain maps due to this, and cause players to not notice them at all until they are extremely close or until they get hit.

Necrobloxian doesn't move too fast, being slower than the normal sprint. Necrobloxian takes under 4 hits to kill players (8 if they have doubled health), and suffers a short attack cooldown with every attack.


  • All speed coils available in Midnight Horrors are capable of outrunning Necrobloxian.
  • Necrobloxian will go into an idle and put away their sword if there aren't any players nearby.
  • Blackout rounds can make Necrobloxian a threat due to his ghostly appearance.


  • Necrobloxian was renamed to "Scary ghost man" in Version 1.6 (April Fools' 2020).
  • Necrobloxian currently appears in another Roblox game titled Oculus' Game, a game also made by CaptainSpinxs, and is capable of spawning anywhere between Waves 1-3, specifically the 'Easy' difficulty.
  • Necrobloxian was renamed to "Book Head" in Version 1.20.0 (April Fools' 2021).