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"Why can't i find this killer in-game?..."
This Killer is no longer in Midnight Horrors and cannot be seen in-game.
Goodbye, old friend.

Painis Cupcake was a Killer in Midnight Horrors. Painis Cupcake originates from a video made by RubberFruit. The chase music that plays while he is active is a remix of Demon Resident Mine Cart from Donkey Kong 64 by Arthur Aslanyan.


Like most killers, Painis Cupcake will chase and pursue nearby players. He will walk towards the nearest player until they are in his range, and he will start running at them. The Heliotrope Coil can outrun Painis Cupcake. He does not have any time between his attacks and instant kills players. (Takes away 1/2 health if you have the Double Health gamepass.)


  • "I will eat you."
  • "Now that is what I wanna see!"
  • "I will eat everyone!"
  • "Come here, Sweetheart!"


  • In Version 1.6 (April Fools' 2020), Painis Cupcake was renamed to "The Worst Killer".
  • Painis Cupcake was removed on unknown versions (Possibly version 1.8.3), due for unknown reasons.
  • Painis Cupcake's removal was never put in the Change Log.