Midnight Horrors Wiki

Retro Slenderman & Proxies are a grouped Killer in Midnight Horrors. The killer features Retro/free-modeled versions of following characters; Kate, Charlie, and Slenderman. They were added in Version 1.42.0.


Retro Slenderman & Proxies spawns in a group of three, featuring; Retro Charlie, Retro Kate, and Retro Slenderman. All of them have different behaviors.

Retro Charlie will spawn at the Red Circle of Oculus and will immediately begin his chase. Charlie moves at a fast pace, being a bit faster than an Ultra Coil. Upon making contact, he will rapidly claw them, draining their health at a fast pace with no cooldown.

Retro Kate acts similar to Smilers' behavior, and will spawn near players instead of at the Red Circle of Oculus. She isn’t capable of movement, so her only way of harness is by sight detection and direct contact. She will rapidly drain the health of players who looked at her and will insta-kill them if they made direct contact with her. After 10 seconds has passed, she will teleport to any other players, repeating the process.

Retro Slenderman, like Kate, will not spawn at the Red Circle of Oculus and will instead spawn near players. Slenderman moves at a rather sluggish pace, being a bit slower than an average sprint. Slenderman is capable of insta-killing players who made contact with him and suffers from no cooldown. Every 5 seconds, he will teleport to any other player, also repeating the process.


  • The Glass Coil can fully outrun Charlie, but be wary that sustaining a hit will result in your misery.
  • None of them are able to bypass the Blue Relic.
  • Most of them don't have stun-immunity.
  • All of them will chase and kill ally NPCs.
  • Be wary that Kate and Slenderman often teleport right in front of their victims (or in this case, you), catching them off-guard and most likely killing them.


  • Retro Slenderman currently appears in another Roblox game titled Oculus' Game, a game also made by CaptainSpinxs, and is capable of spawning anywhere between Waves 4-6, specifically the 'Medium' difficulty.
    • Retro Slenderman's addition was made before his debut to Midnight Horrors.