Midnight Horrors Wiki

This is the Rules & Formatting page for the Midnight Horrors Wiki that explains the various rules and formatting methods to follow when creating or editing articles on the wiki. Following these will help the wiki making it more organized and easier to read.

If there are any issues, don't be afraid to contact me if there are any issues you would like resolved.

General Rules

A list of general rules that all wiki editors should follow:

  • Do not spread false or unconfirmed info in pages and treat them as fact.
  • Goes without saying, but do not vandalize pages.
  • Stick to the topic of Midnight Horrors; Do not make pages or add images that do not have to do with the topic. This also goes for Joke Pages for the most part.
  • Always use a proper, formal writing style when editing pages. Do not capitalize the beginning letter of every word in a sentence.
  • Use a neutral point of view when writing; Do not include any personal opinion or bias. That should be expressed only in comments or anywhere outside the wiki.
  • Only create new pages for things missing from the Wiki such as new Killers, Maps, Emotes, and other things that are not added to the wiki yet. If you'd like to make anything other kind of pages, contact me for permission first.
  • Always write in the American English language, since Wikia is an American company and uses American English for most interfaces and this Wiki is targetted towards English audiences.

Formatting Rules

  • Always use the Placeholder image when there is no Killer image available.
  • For style, this wiki tends to use Sub-heading 1 as headers so please try to keep that as consistent as possible