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"Why can't i find this killer in-game?..."
This Killer is no longer in Midnight Horrors and cannot be seen in-game.
Goodbye, old friend.

Siren Head was a Killer in Midnight Horrors prior to its removal on January 26, 2020. He originates from various art posts made by Trevor Henderson. Siren Head's model was ported by Headless_Head and is based on the depiction Trevor Henderson drew while designing the cryptid. His behavior is based on how he behaves in the Siren Head game made by Modus Interactive.


Like most killers in Midnight Horrors, Siren Head would actively pursue and chase any players within close proximity. If no players were nearby, Siren Head would remain idle and would not move until a player approached Siren Head. He was relatively slow, making it easier for players to quickly distance themselves from Siren Head. While he was relatively slow, Siren Head was still capable of insta-killing the players and did not suffer from any attack cooldown.


  • All coils in the Shop can outrun Siren Head.


  • Siren Head was remodeled on the same day Siren Head was removed from Midnight Horrors.
  • Siren Head was removed in version 1.3.17, due to people accusing the model as stolen, though it may be due to copyright.
  • Siren Head will likely not be re-added in a later version of Midnight Horrors.
  • The model of Siren Head can also be found in CaptainSpinxs' game, Siren Head.