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Soundtracks refer to any music played in the background, when a certain killer is active, or a special round is occurring in Midnight Horrors. Most soundtracks will automatically be played regardless of the ambience and noise created by the players and the environment. Music can be disabled in the Options menu by pressing the gear icon found on the bottom-left of your screen.

You are given three choices to adjust the volume of, those being the Round Music, Killer Idle, and Killer Chase. Round music refers to music played in both normal and special rounds, Killer Idle refers to music played when a killer is not active, and Killer Chase refers to music played while a killer is pursuing a player on the map. Any other audio besides these three options cannot be disabled or enabled in Midnight Horrors. You may resort to turning off all volume in the Settings menu provided by Roblox, or simply muting your device's volume.

Most soundtracks used and heard in Midnight Horrors originates from various games, medias, and franchises outside of the Roblox platforms and are not originally composed for the game. However, there are certain soundtracks exclusively made and used for Midnight Horrors, which can be found in the "Original Music Tracks" section.

List of Soundtracks

Intermission Tracks

Music played during intermissions (a break period in-between rounds).

Round Music Tracks

Music played during normal and/or special rounds in Midnight Horrors.

Map Music Tracks

Music played in certain maps and will persist regardless of killer and round active in itself.

Chase Music Tracks

Music played while a player is being pursued or chased by a player, when a killer is actively moving, or if a killer is just present.

"Killer Idle" Music Tracks

Music played while a killer is idling (not pursuing a player).

  • "Theme 8" from We Happy Few || Theme of Bobby
  • "Trills" from The Killing Floor: Summer Sideshow || Theme of Snowhusk

Original Music Tracks

Music originally composed for Midnight Horrors. May include any music found in previous sections above.

Miscellaneous Tracks

Death Sounds

Various sounds that play whenever a player dies.

Emote Tracks

Played when activating an emote

Removed Tracks

Music that played for any removed content including Killers, Maps, etc., or was removed from the game due to copyright issues or ROBLOX audio incident (*note that not all soundtracks are listed here yet).

Unidentified Music Tracks

If possible, please correctly identify where a certain music track is heard in Midnight Horrors.


A note to keep in mind is that a music track can appear in more than one category found in the List of Soundtracks section. If a music track is heard in-game, but not listed in this article, please identify and list them in the section(s) that best fits it.


  • All the death sounds and emote tracks are based on memes.