Midnight Horrors Wiki

Testimony is a special tool granted to VIP Server-Owners, or people with high authority. The Testimony controls the game and how it plays. With the Testimony, players have access to spawn or force Killers, choose the next Map, choose the next special round, and summon fakehats and Egg Car. Testimony has the potential to effect the gameplay of Midnight Horrors much crazier, such as the spawning of lots of killers.

This gear has a Console GUI too which acts the same like the Testimony gear but with more features, you have more access to various & enhanced traits. You have a MISC button, when you click it 3 buttons will appear which have different traits, "Killer Ignore", "Watch Killer", & "Teleport Killer to self." With the GUI you can spawn multiple of different killers at once. Instead of typing the specific things you want in, you can find it in the lists making experience easier. This GUI appears in the middle right of your screen.


  • The Testimony can also make the playing experience much laggier, it is not recommended that you spawn killers with multiple moving parts, or in groups. This has the same effect with spawning all killers.
  • Clicking on the "Spawn Killer", "Force Map" or "Round" labels will give a list of the names for each Killer, each code name for each Map, and a list of numbers for each round type to represent round ids.


  • Previously, in VIP servers, Testimony was granted to all players, server owner or not. This was later changed so only the owner of the VIP server has the testimony as requested by many.
  • The Testimony used to not work on mobile.
  • There is now a GUI that allows you to click the killer's name to force them to be the killer for the next round or spawn them in. You can also type their name in and do the same thing. There is also a section called Misc, it allows the user to view the killer (nearest killer), make the killer completely ignore them (until you die, probably by resetting), and teleport the killer to them, then it has the maps and rounds menu. Like the killers section, you can type the name of a map in to force it.
  • While the Testimony is an ancient book, it is apparently known as Oculus' Diary, according to CaptainSpinxs.