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Library is a Map in Midnight Horrors. It is based off another game created by CaptainSpinxs, titled The Library. The ambient played on the map is titled "Horror Ambience" by ESN Productions.


Library consists of rooms with bookshelves, a gray carpet, tall walls and lights facing from the bottom of a vent shaft. Multiple posters are placed throughout Library, some featuring Killers in Midnight Horrors. In the center of Library is a small room containing The Red Circle of Oculus and some bookshelves, along with four doors leading into the room. From the north and south of the room is long rooms with multiple tables with pushed in chairs, and some having a singular book on a corner of the table. More to the north is a room with a long, empty bookshelf and a door that leads into a room with a desk and a glass window where players can see a room behind it. On the desk is a framed picture of one of the monsters from The Library, and an opened book with a message. The room behind the desk is a "Staff Only" room (as suggested by signs above doors leading into the room) with multiple desks with pushed in chairs and water dispensers. One room has a black hole in a wall, but players cannot enter it.




  • Since Library (almost) has the same layout as it does in The Library, players who've already played through The Library may get around easily without getting lost.
  • Knocking sounds may play now and then.
  • In Version 1.21.0 (Easter Update 2021), an egg could be found in this map.


  • When Library was first added, players could camp behind a bookshelf and hide there until the map changed. In a later update, an invisible wall was added to prevent players from camping in that spot, mainly because Killers didn't go there often.
  • Some details in the map that are in The Library are missing, such as statues that are placed at the end of bookshelves, scribbles on the walls and a button on the front of a desk.