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Walrider is a Killer in Midnight Horrors. Walrider originates from a horror indie-game franchise, Outlast, where he serves as the main antagonist of the game series. The chase music that plays while Walrider is active is called "Walrider Theme" from the Outlast OST.


Like most killers in Midnight Horrors, Walrider will actively pursue and chase any players within close proximity of his current position. Players who are caught by Walrider's grasp will immediately be killed by Walrider and will continue to pursue other players running away from him. He does not suffer from any attack cooldown as his attacks are instantaneous to one another.


  • All speed coils available in-game are capable of outrunning Walrider.


  • In Version 1.6 (April Fools' 2020), Walrider was renamed to "Ghost that screams like a baby".
  • In Version 1.20.0 (April Fools' 2021), Walrider was renamed to "Rider of walls".
  • Meshes used to create Walrider are provided by Saten_Dred.